I love speaking and teaching others about ADHD, whether it's on a live stage, on a podcast, or in an online course. Sharing my own story with ADHD helps others feel less alone and more empowered to take control of their lives.

If you'd like me to speak at your event or be a guest on your podcast, contact me at jesse@adhdjesse.com

Podcasts (as host)

ADHD Nerds Podcast(host)


I host a bi-weekly podcast interviewing people with ADHD. We talk about their experiences with ADHD, their successes, and their failures. We also talk about how they've overcome their challenges and how they've used their ADHD to their advantage.

Podcasts (as guest)

ADHD EssentialsExtra Focus with ADHD Jesse

October 2023

In today’s episode, we talk to Jesse Anderson! Jesse is an ADHD influencer who goes by the handle ADHDJesse, and the author of “Extra Focus: The Quick Start Guide to Adult ADHD”. Jesse talks to us about his new book, “Extra Focus, and shares some tips from it. We discuss the modern view of ADHD, Jesse’s four Cs of motivation, and juggling chainsaws.

My Lady ADHDProspective Memory & ADHD with Jesse J. Anderson

September 2023

Feeling like you're forgetting things all the time? Or that you have the best intentions but they don't seem to line up with reality sometimes? Jump in to this episode where I chat with Best-Selling Author, Jesse J. Anderson, about prospective memory and ADHD.

Heal with SushilTuning up your ADHD Brain to Get The Most Out of It

June 2022

Do you struggle with maintaining attention while performing tasks? You are not alone. Some studies suggest that at least 75% of adults with ADHD do not know that they have it. Our attention is a currency these days and companies pay billions to steal it.

ADHD Kids Can ThriveJesse J. Anderson and Kate chat about ADHD

May 2022

Do you want to listen and learn from a positive guy who has ADHD and parents an ADHD child? Jesse J Anderson is an ADHD'er himself, an ADHD Advocate, ADHD Creative, and Parent of an ADHD kid. He is a bright light in the ADHD world full of encouragement and wisdom for us all.

On Good AuthorityWriting a Book in Public with Jesse J. Anderson

April 2022

Jesse J. Anderson's journey to bookdom is unlike any other guest I've had on the show. For one, he's not launching a book to help build his business. Also, that book—Refocus: A Practical Guide to Adult ADHD—hasn't launched yet. In fact, he hasn't even finished writing it.

Free Your EnergyUnderstanding ADHD 101 with Jesse Anderson

March 2022

Jesse Anderson, author of Refocus: A Practical Guide For ADHD. Jessee is an ADHD content creator who shares his story and journey through fatherhood, marriage, and life as someone who has ADHD. He navigates the gentle waters of parenting a child with ADHD as well.

Pivot PointsJesse J. Anderson: ADHD Super Hero

January 2022

We kick Season 5 off with a celebration of ADHD. We wanted to understand more about this neurodiversity; with so many of our friends being diagnosed in their 30's and 40's, we were aware of what a life changing pivot this news can be.

Lobow's SparkSomething for Someone with Jesse J. Anderson

January 2022

Today's ADHD friend is Jesse J. Anderson and you are in for an amazing experience. We discuss his ADHD diagnosis, the superpower controversy, marriage chores, dental appointments, & how to help Neurotypicals get a glimpse into what ADHD feels like…This episode is informational, funny, and inspiring all rolled into one.

Makers.devADHD chat with Jesse J. Anderson

June 2021

Even if you don't have ADHD, learning about your brain and how it works will pay dividends for your entire life. We chat with Jesse J. Anderson about his journey with ADHD, what symptoms to look for if you think you might have it, and some processes and systems you can try to get a handle on it.