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ADHD advocate, writer, speaker, maker of things.

👋 Hey, I'm Jesse, and I make things on the internet, mostly to help people learn more about ADHD.

I create videos on YouTube and host a couple of podcasts: ADHD Nerds and The Weekly Build.

I also write a weekly newsletter, Extra Focus, where I share thoughts and strategies on ADHD with over 35,000 readers. You can join for free to get weekly ADHD tips in a quick, easy-to-read email.

Oh yeah, and I'm writing a book called Refocus: A Practical Guide to Adult ADHD. You can check out my Projects page to see what else I'm working on.

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Avoiding Toxic Productivity Advice for ADHD

Latest posts

4 ADHD Myths

I used to think I knew what ADHD was. Then I learned the truth, and it changed my life. Here are 4 of the Top ADHD Myths: ADHD Isn't Real, You Grow Out of ADHD, ADHD Always Causes Hyperactivity, People with ADHD Can't Focus On Anything

2021 Annual Review

What went well this year? A lot went right for me this year. I've been learning about ADHD for the past 5-6 years since I was diagnosed, but I only realized this year how much my knowledge could help others. It's been incredibly fulfilling to help others better understand their ADHD and not feel so alone. Many have discovered they have ADHD for the first time through my content. My diagnosis was life-changing, so it's amazing to be able to be part of other people's story in that way.

The Ultimate ADHD Gift Guide (2021)

The ultimate gift guide for the ADHDer in your life. Every ADHDer is different so these won't be a perfect match for everyone, but hopefully will help you find the right gift for that special ADHDer in your life.

Announcement: I'm Writing a Book!

I'm writing a book! It is tentatively titled "Refocus" and will be a practical guide to living with ADHD. I'll be writing in public so you can follow along and even contribute!

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