What Does It Mean to Build Community?

I want to build community for like-minded ADHD creatives.

But what does that mean? What does it look like and what is the purpose? Do I create a Slack group and call it good?

No, I want something more than that.

Right now, the idea is novel. People with ADHD are drawn to novelty. It's fun to be part of the new shiny thing! But how do you build something that lasts beyond that?

Community can't survive off of initial novelty. There needs to be a reason to bring people back, something that reminds people to return. Opportunity for growth and refueling.

I know people with ADHD have amazing gifts and can create amazing things with their creativity and passion.

I want to capture that. Empower that.

Let's foster a community that encourages each other, and understands the power of positive feedback and relentless reinforcement.

The best communities are those that leave you feeling as though you've gained great value, yet also have room and desire for your own contributions. A true collective of positivity and encouragement.

What does community mean to you?