Today's Creators Are Drowning In Data-Driven Decision Fatigue

We have access to so much data.

For example: I can see my last atomic essay had 3,443 impressions, 137 media engagements, 70 likes, 35 profile views, 17 replies, and 9 retweets.

Wow, that's a lot of data. Pretty good data.

Too much data.

Can you learn from this and craft future essays around previous success? Of course!

Finding what resonates is important to the creator's journey. But many fail to calculate the cost of studying the data.

Our most precious resource is time, and analytics provide an infinity pool to sink attention into. Pay your metrics too much attention, and you'll lose your passion in the data.

You'll lose your drive—your reason for creating.

When you become too focused on performance, people can tell. You authenticity wavers and your voice gets lost in the uncanny valley of data-driven content.

Come up for air, we need your voice!