TikTok: Idea Factory for Content Creation

Don't make the same mistake I did. Don't write off TikTok as "just for kids".

TikTok is the perfect platform to generate new ideas for content creation.

It's not just teenage pranks and dancing

The dancing and prank videos exist, but you can easily filter them out of your feed. Simply press-and-hold the screen on any video and select "Not interested". After doing this only a few times, my feed became catered to my interests. No more pranks or dances.

Micro content leads to focused ideas

TikTok limits videos to 60 seconds, so you must express ideas succinctly. These focused videos are like atomic video essays on a single idea. If something isn't great, the next idea is a single swipe away.

Formulas for engagement

Pay attention to the successful accounts. Their formulas are effective at communicating and engaging in a short window of time. Learn from these accounts and apply to your own content creation, no matter your medium.

My TikTok Idea Generation Process

  1. Prepare. Grab a notepad, pen, and set a time-limit. (20-30 mins)

  2. Browse. Search for a general topic of interest on TikTok. Browse top results or find a relevant hashtag.

  3. Document. Watch and write down ideas. Whenever something inspires surprise or awe, make a note.

  4. Remix. When your notebook is full of ideas, pick 2 or 3 to remix together into your own creation.