Three Pillar System of Content Creation

Every successful creator's system contains the same three elements: Discovery, connection, and monetization.

— Josh Spector

It's easy to get lost in the world of content creation.

You need a system to help you prioritize your values and make sure you aren't wasting energy on the wrong thing.

How will people DISCOVER you?

If your content is great and no one knows, what's the point?

The first part of your overall strategy is to create ways for your audience to find you. Write down every current channel of discovery for you and your work:

personal connections, social media, video platforms, writing platforms, podcasts, etc.

Then pick a strategy:

  1. Improve upon an existing channel of discovery

  2. Add a new channel of discovery

How will people CONNECT with you?

When people discover your work, there should be the opportunity for them to become a fan.

  • Sign up for your newsletter. This is gives you a direct connection to your audience—free of any platform. When someone gives you permission to send email directly to them, an important level of trust is established.

  • Follow on other platforms. Point them to your social media, video platforms, podcasts, etc.

How will people SUPPORT you?

Don't be afraid to charge for something you've created!

Failing to monetize could rob your audience of the value you could be creating. Products at reasonable prices will allow your audience to support you in continuing to create value.

Let them help.