The Ultimate ADHD Gift Guide (2021)

The ultimate gift guide for the ADHDer in your life. Every ADHDer is different so these won't be a perfect match for everyone, but hopefully will help you find the right gift for that special ADHDer in your life.

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Fidget toys

A lot of ADHDers find it easier to focus when they have something to fidget with. These have taken off recently and there are a lot of options to choose from.


Time distortion makes it difficult to keep track of passing time. For a classic visual timer, there is none better than the classic Time Timer which now comes in a variety of colors.

  • Time Timer. Every ADHDer should own at least one. Buy on Amazon
  • Hexagon timer. This lets you quickly set a new timer simply by rotating the timer to the desired side. Buy on Amazon
  • TimerCap. This works as a reminder for when you last took your medication. The timer reset automatically whenever the cap was last removed. Buy on Amazon


ADHDers often don't finish a lot of books, but that doesn't mean we don't enjoy reading the first 30% or collecting them. There are lots of great books on ADHD as well for those that enjoy research and self-discovery.

Tracking badges

Tile has a cheaper, short-range version called the Tile Mate that is perfect for the person who loses keys or other items in their home. They have longer range as well for purses or backpacks. And for the Apple fan, the new AirTags can be a great choice too.

Stationary & Office Accessories

It's sort of a joke that people with ADHD love to buy planners and rarely actually use them—but many of us still love different forms of stationary, special pens, paper, etc. Because we often lose things inside of our head, we are drawn to more physical, tactile things like pens and paper. Dry erase boards in particular are great for externalizing thoughts onto a visible medium.

Gift Cards

We probably have a new hobby and are dying to buy some accessories for it. Just give us some gift cards to somewhere that will give us plenty of options and we'll be happy as a clam.

Coffee & Tea Accessories

We ADHDers often love our caffeine. There are lots of accessories you can get for keeping their drink hot if they forget about it, and just fun ways to prepare their drink.

Smart Plugs & Lights

Most people can find a use for an app controlled smart plug and you can program lots of helpful reminders with them. I have lights set to dim at a certain time in the evening to try to remind me to go to sleep.


We love snacks, chocolate, etc. Every bite is a little dash of dopamine. My newest guilty pleasure is skinny-dipped almonds while an old classic is Holiday Mint M&Ms.

Software & Apps

There are a lot of great apps that can help with finding focus for us ADHDers. Here are just a few standout apps I recommend.

Note: app can be difficult to gift to someone if a specific gift subscription isn't offered. You can try to use this Gift guide from Apple or just give them a gift card with a specific app mentioned as a recommendation.

  • I've tried all the focus audio apps—yes, even that one—and I always come back to this one. Buy gift subscription
  • Centered. - Mix of flow music, body doubling, and more. This service can be used for finding flow sessions. View online
  • Due. My favorite app for reminders and notifications to keep me routines in check. View online
  • Craft. My favorite app for writing notes and linking my thoughts. View online
  • Todoist. One of the new leaders in task tracking. View online
  • Notion. Great for organizing lots of information and notes. View online

Noise Cancelling Devices.

A lot of ADHDers are sensitive to extra stimulation, and a good pair of noise-canceling headphones can help you to stay focused. There are lots of great noise-canceling options to choose from at varying prices.

Analog Productivity System.

Ugmonk's Analog system claims to be "The simplest productivity system" and it remains quite simple. It's essentially a simplified bullet method with index cards, but in an extremely easy-on-the-eyes package.

Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller

A lot of ADHDers are gamers, and there's no better controller than the Xbox Elite Series 2. It's nearly triple the price of a regular controller, but worth every penny for the customizability, durability, and especially those bumpers on the back.

Oculus Quest 2

While we're talking about gaming... if you haven't tried modern virtual reality, you haven't lived. With this you don't need a computer or external camera or anything, just the headset and the controllers in any room and you're good to go.

Remarkable 2 Paper Tablet

This is not cheap, but it's a device I absolutely love. It's basically a really large (and really thin) Kindle but with an e-ink display that you can write on. The textured e-ink display feels surprisingly similar to writing on paper. It's not a replacement for an iPad, but what it does, it does very well.

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