The Most Important Feature in Any Note-Taking System

There's a lot to consider when deciding on a note-taking system.

Does it have good documentation? How easy is it to use? What are the search capabilities? Are there good mobile apps? Can you easily export your data? Do you enjoy the design? Is your data secure?

But the most important feature in any note-taking system is how easily can you input data?

If it's difficult to add new data, you eventually aren't going to use it any more. There's too much friction.

All those other features and more are important. But if adding new notes is a hassle, you'll resist doing it at all.

Interesting things you want to remember will be lost. That friction makes you think "oh, I'll remember this later." But later comes, and your insight is gone.

The answer will be unique to your situation.

Consider other factors as well, but don't be swayed by features to an app that makes it more difficult to enter new information.

Nothing else is as important.