The Key to Having a Boring, Easy Life: Aim For Mediocrity

Becoming great is hardly appealing.

Want a comfortable life? Low expectations and easy goals to achieve? This is all possible with one easy step: make mediocrity the goal.

Life will be as cozy as a couch while you revel in your boring, low expectations.

No feelings of failure when you come up short. No one upset as you soar past their station in life. No responsibilities. No challenge. A nice easy life.

Sounds pretty dull.

But if you want to be great? If you want to achieve something others tell you isn't possible, or that you think you aren't capable of?

Now that is going to be uncomfortable.

You're going to have to set your goals beyond what you are capable of.

Set your sights beyond the horizon. Listen to what others say is the pinnacle, and push your way past towards the peaks they can't even see.

It's going to hurt. Attempts will fail. Doubting voices will creep in and telling you that you're making a mistake, that you don't have what it takes.

That comfortable couch of mediocrity will beckon.

Or you can embrace the difficulty. The struggle.

Accept it as a membership fee for the course to your success. The cost for your ambition.

Make it worthwhile.