The ADHD Creative: ADHD Fuels Creativity

People with ADHD are often highly creative.

We have a different way of viewing the world. Our attention filter is broken—everything gets through.

This gives us a wider lens to observe our environments.

The noise causes a lot of difficulty. But all this extra observation data gets combined, mixed, and matched to draw more unique and original conclusions.

We are driven to chase these conclusions down.

Problem-solvers by nature, the opportunity to create something out of nothing is often exciting to our brain that is seeking the interesting and the novel.

Many people with ADHD exhibit impulsivity which often leads to risk-seeking behavior. Creation by it's nature requires risk and putting yourself out there.

What is creativity after all, but impulsivity gone right?

— Dr. Ned Hallowell

ADHD brains can also be inattentive which lead to daydreaming, missing the world around us while we chase thought trails and patterns to keep our brain entertained.

ADHD creatives thrive due to their natural curiosity.