Sweet Indulgence; Sweet Addiction

I am fully, undeniably, and hopelessly addicted to sugar.

Even writing that down feels silly.

Addictions are serious business. I've seen "real" addictions like drugs, alcohol, and more destroy people, irreparably damage relationships, and cut lives far too short.

I've wept for the damage wrought by an addiction run rampant.

Using the same language—the same word—for my silly "addiction" seems an insult. Mine even has a funny name.

"It's just a sweet tooth"

But telling myself that lets me ignore it. Lets me say "it's just sugar" and carry on indulging in a poison that is slowly killing me. Lets me continue this toxic relationship with food, with habits too embedded to break.

"I'll take the venti."

The first step is to admit you have a problem.

And I have a problem.

Sugar has taken the wheel and driven me to a place I no longer want to go. It's time to end this broken relationship.