Stop Guessing At What You're Supposed To Do

You sit down at your desk after a meeting and suddenly realize... you have no idea what you’re supposed to do.

Rather than clarifying, you feel guilty about not knowing what to do. You should know, right? You nodded along like everything made sense and thought it did make sense.

What happened?

People with ADHD have difficulty with foresight. It fails to even occur to us to consider what the end result should be, let alone ask for clarification.

This often results in you putting in way more work than necessary, trying to cover your bases. Or you do too little, and chalk up another failure to blame yourself for.

You must accept your difficulty with foresight.

You need to ask for specifics:

  • What does this look like when it’s done?
  • What is the end result?
  • How can I follow-up if I run into difficulty?

You can even ask to record the meeting conversation or use a transcription app for later recall and retrieval.

This will help you avoid sitting in despair, worrying about not knowing what the actual expectation is.