Seven Tips for Getting Things Done with ADHD

  1. Create reverse to-do lists. Write down everything you've already done today. Check them off. This list helps you feel accomplished, and becomes a great place to add new tasks that won't feel intimidating.

  2. Numbers as mnemonic devices. Mentally attach numbers to events to keep track of associated tasks or objects.

    • Leave house (3): check for keys, wallet, phone.
    • Bedtime (4): Lock doors, turn off lights, set alarm, brush teeth.
  3. The two-minute rule. When you think of a task that you can do in two minutes, do it immediately.

  4. Lie to yourself to get started. Commit to putting away 5 things, or clean 3 dishes in the sink. Once you get started, the momentum keeps you going. One of the hardest things with ADHD is getting started so lie to yourself and commit to putting 1 dish in the dishwasher.

  5. Use audio as a distraction/reward. Pick a favorite podcast or audiobook, but only allow yourself to listen while you are performing a specific chore.

  6. Body doubling. If you need to do a task that requires focus, having someone else in the room can provide accountability. There are online groups that do this over Zoom to keep each other working and sharing what they've accomplished at set time intervals.

  7. Break down projects, but only a little bit. Breaking out every single task can be overwhelming to someone with ADHD. Instead, just figure out the first few steps you need to get going on a project. You can figure out the rest once you're engaged.