Rekindling Interest In That Thing You Loved But Eventually Got Bored Of

Oh no, you can feel it.

It's happened again. You weren't ready, but somehow this activity you previously loved to do has become dull, lifeless, boring. The steps that used to bring joy have become an exercise in agony.

Something invisible has changed, and you've lost the interest, never to return.

Time to move on to something else... I guess... again.

What's happening here?

You didn't know it, but subconsciously, you've set a goal and it's been achieved. You've hit some level of mastery, some numerical peak, something that told your brain "that's good enough" and the interest has waned.

But there is hope!

What can you do if you really aren't ready to leave this behind, despite the boredom your brain feels?

Make it novel, make it new. Approach it from a new angle; make a brand new goal, one that requires you to stretch your skills; discover a new curiosity trail and follow it.

But also, know when to move on.