Omnipotential: The latent gift of ADHD

One of the defining characteristics of ADHD is a limitless potential to do anything you desire, if you can find a way to build and maintain interest in that area.

This is called "omnipotential".

If you've been able to get engaged and stay engaged, have you ever found anything you couldn't do? A person with ADHD will think for a second, say, "if I can get engaged with something, I can do it." ... They quite literally can do anything if they can get engaged.

— Dr. William Dodson

This hidden potential has drawbacks, however, many of which have to do with living in a neurotypical world.

In our schools, our jobs, our society there is an expectation that things are done in a certain way. Systems of motivation are based on importance, rewards, and consequences.

People with ADHD fail to find motivation with these things, and our omnipotential is squashed.

This is why many children with ADHD are labeled as "gifted" in school, yet fail to live up to those expectations.

"if he only tried harder"

"if she only would pay attention"

"if they would just sit still"