I Get Knocked Down But I Get Up Again (You're Never Gonna Keep Me Down)

Living with ADHD means you’re going to get knocked down.

Dr. William Dodson estimates the average child with ADHD hears 20,000 more negative messages than neurotypical peers by age 10. That perpetual discouraging feedback is going to knock you down from time to time.

But through that difficulty, people with ADHD develop an incredible level of resilience.

Surviving the neurotypical worlds of school, work, etc has led to experience in developing your own coping strategies for survival. In order to reach our goals, we battle on (many of us unaware of our diagnosis) and develop thick skin when it comes to facing adversity.

In situations where most see impossible odds, you will roll up your sleeves and attack the problem head on.

And you still will get knocked down from time to time.

You can be your toughest critic, beating yourself up whenever you fail. Things won’t always work out. We will take on problems way too large and things may come crashing down all around us.

But then you get back up again.