How to Thrive with ADHD: Externalize Your Brain

People with ADHD struggle with memory.

Things get "lost" in your brain.

Appointments, commitments, and intentions disappear. Often you feel like you are in clean-up mode, trying to atone for missed deadlines and broken promises.

To make things worse, your "atonement" can result in overcommitment and eventual overwhelm.

Fix this by externalizing ideas, tasks, and commitments.

Many ADHD life hacks are simply:

  • take a thing you're thinking about
  • move it into the real world where it can be seen e.g. use sticky notes, timers, and whiteboards
  • see it later and take action

These physical reminders help you remember by being present for your attention to find.

Your brain is always seeking stimuli. A visible representation can be enough to rediscover something lost within.