How to Keep Content Creation Fun and Engaging

Sometimes, creating content can be a slog.

Don't get me wrong. Creation is often full of joy! When an idea comes easy, publishing can be incredibly fulfilling. But when you're on the wrong side of things, it feels like work.

Hard work. Not fun work.

What causes these opposing mindsets? Feedback loops.

A feedback loop is when we perform an action and it returns a particular result. They can be positive or negative. Often, that is the difference between fun content creation and the drag-your-feet-through-the-mud slog that drains us of energy.

Optimize for positive feedback loops.

Build to allow quickly feedback. Lean into what works best for your brain and gives you the energy to keep going.

Positive Feedback Loop

Fast/immediate results. You want a fast reaction to your action. Social media is great at providing these quick results to content creation. An article might go unnoticed on a blog for days. On Twitter, you will know quickly if it resonates.

Interactive play. Don't rely on create-publish-repeat. That can be a reliable fallback, but try to find room to play and interact with those that engage in the content. That will provide positive feedback, and help you to engage in your own content, often providing the inspiration for other ideas.

Opportunity for collaboration. Allow others to engage in your work. Ask questions, build challenges, and invite others to play!