How I Wrote 30 Essays in 30 Days

I did it.

For 30 days, I wrote and shipped a new essay every single day. I will long cherish this accomplishment. It's a turning point, the start of something new.

So how did I do it?


Do or do not, there is no try.

I promised I would ship every single day. I knew one miss could sabotage the whole thing. It wasn't about motivation, I was obligated to finish. So I did.


I love a good challenge. Some days were hard—but when I found the flow, the words came easy. That flow became more familiar as days passed.


Publishing on Twitter led to immediate feedback and engagement. I have a new tribe on Twitter, and the loop of likes, comments, retweets, and follows kept me fully in for the entire 30 days.

It's easy to do the work when your new friends are doing the same. It felt like we were in it together.


Having money in the game incentivizes you to keep playing, but this is about something much more important.

This was an investment in my future as a content creator.

Through these 30 days I've built a small catalog of evergreen ideas that will be my foundation moving forward.

I've written about fundamentals of ADHD like time blindness, RSD, and shame spirals; strategies for focus, productivity, and getting things done; personal stories about family, loss, and perseverence; and I've written about content creation, how to improve it, and what it means for the future.

Pay attention, this is just the start.