Full Speed Ahead! (watch out for debris)

Your brain is like a Ferrari, a race car. You have the power to win races and become a champion. However, you do have one problem. You have bicycle brakes. Your brakes just aren't strong enough to control the powerful brain you've got. So, you can't slow down or stop when you need to.

— Dr. Edward Hallowell (on ADHD)

I've had the pedal to the metal for months. I knew it wasn't sustainable but was having so much fun.

Everything was working. My views about myself as a creator began to change. I had evolving visions about my long-term future. I was loving life, even as I added more chainsaws to my juggling act.

Am I trying to do too much right now? Absolutely. But when you find that special brand of ADHD Motivation, you've got to harness it. And I've been feeling super motivated lately.

— Me, one month ago.

Well, it finally caught up with me.

There was debris in the road and my motivation waned. My bicycle brakes weren't enough to help me navigate the newly rough terrain.

I crashed and burned. Hard.

I abandoned several projects at once, disappointing myself and friends around me. I had built up a delicate house of cards and it all came crashing down at once.

So what now? I need to focus.

I've made the mistake of saying "yes" to too many things. I can't accept every opportunity that comes along. It was too much, and I paid the price.

It's time to say no to good opportunities, so I can say yes to great ones.