Frantic and In Collapse: My Failing System for Managing Content Creation

I've been feeling like a fraud lately.

This year I started really putting myself out there, creating content and sharing with the world. And I've had some amazing success!

While still a tiny fish in a big pond, I've been very lucky to see impressive growth as I share the content I create.

But honestly, it feels like I'm barely keeping it all together.

People have started asking me for advice on their writing workflow. I share the limited things that have worked for me, but it feels like I'm offering parenting advice while my own kids scream and fight in the background.

I'm terrified that it's all about to come crashing down.

A friend and I were recently discussing our experience with trying out different note-taking tools and task management apps in hopes of improving our workflow.

We shared some thoughts and tips and admitted that a few things weren't quite going as well as we'd hoped. After beating around the bush, my friend finally said:

Basically, all of my systems are in collapse right now.

There it was.

Instantly, the weight fell from my shoulders and I began to laugh. I wasn't alone!

When you discover you aren't the only one stumbling and fumbling your way through this mess—it all feels just a bit more manageable and hopeful.

The fear of collapse melts away because you can finally admit you aren't on some sort of pedestal.

If you fail, you can just pick yourself up, laugh, and move on.