Five Principles of Better Content Creation Using the 80/20 Rule

You are wasting 80% of your time.

The 80/20 rule shows that 80% of the value you create comes from just 20% of the work you put in. Where does the rest of that time and effort go? To that measly final 20%.

Not exactly efficient.

As a content creator, your goal is to build value—but how can you do that when so much time is being wasted?

Follow these 5 principles to find a path to success.

1. Create Five Times the Content

Rather than spending hours and hours on a single piece that might not even perform, give it 20% of the time you normally would. Then do it again for 4 more pieces.

Your content won't be as polished, but now you have 5 times the data points. Don't waste time polishing something no one cares about, follow engagement data instead.

2. Find Channels/Topics That Resonate

Building on the first principle, cover a wider array of topics to discover which 20% brings audience engagement.

3. Find Your True Fans

As you gather data, pay attention to the 20% that remain positively engaged. These true fans will be key to your future success as they invest and share with enthusiasm.

4. Simplify Complex Subjects

Your content should be the 20% that provides your audience with 80% of the value.

5. Build in Public

Avoid spending time on low-quality content by inviting direct feedback throughout the process.

When you open yourself to opportunities for adjustment, you can refine your process and improve aim at the bullseye.