Finding Your Flow at the Edge of Chaos

You can experience a strange comfort when you find yourself at the edge of chaos.

I thrive in that chaos.

There's a thrill when you can feel the threat of collapse and overwhelm beckoning just beyond the next bend. When you're strapped to a rocket and enjoying the view, ignoring the danger and embracing the terror.

It's not that I enjoy the chaos.

To be honest, it's a bit terrifying. You struggle not to let imposter syndrome tear you down when it feels like everything is on the brink.

When you realize how many things you're juggling or how far you are from safe land, it can all threaten to come crashing down.

But experience teaches this is your moment to shine. There is comfort in the familiarity.

Your internal fight-or-flight response recognizes the danger and kicks into high gear.

The more chainsaws you juggle, the more thrilling the act.

Contrary to what we usually believe, moments like these, the best moments in our lives, are not the passive, receptive, relaxing times. ...

The best moments usually occur when a person's body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile.

— Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi