Embracing Change For Your Own Good

It's easy to be resistant to change.

I used to get really frustrated whenever my social media platform of choice made some change that I didn't like. It can be especially frustrating when those changes affect you directly.

One small change can completely wipe out some workflow you've been relying on.

Twitter recently updated their app to no longer condense images in a "smart" way. Now they show more of every image in the timeline. This is great news for most, a major improvement in a lot of ways!

But for some of us, particularly those of us in the #ship30for30 challenge, this meant trouble. Our atomic essays would no longer show the headlines in the cropped version. Because of the image ratio we were using, the headlines were completely cropped off!

Rather than just be upset and complain, I figured out Twitter's new crop ratio (3:4) and set to work updating my template for the essay you're reading now. If all goes well, you should see the entire essay in your timeline, headline and all.

Rather than resist, seize your chance to become the expert in this new domain.

To excel as a creator today, you have to adapt. Those that adapt come out on top because the medium continues to evolve.

So embrace change—change is opportunity.