Dear Creators, You Don't Have to Produce Every Day Forever

It can be fun to produce content, but also exhausting.

Some days it feels like work even thinking of a topic to cover. You feel tired, disengaged. You start to resent your commitments. The last creation got low engagement and you're feeling burnt out.

Listen to that feeling and embrace rest!

But try to identify when it's true rest that you are seeking.

Sometimes, your internal creative blocker is simply there to make things hard. The eternal critic that tells you that you aren't good enough. The one that tries to drag you down and tell you to give up. That is a voice to ignore.

But the one telling you to rest? Pay attention.

Take A Break

If you are doing a daily challenge, maybe pick a day or two to rest.

I found that my engagement was lower on the weekends, so I decided to rest on those days. Your experience may be different.

Maybe sticking to a sprint makes more sense but you can take the occasional longer rest of a week or so. Whatever makes the most sense for you, it will be different for everyone.

Change Your Environment

If your main channel of content creation is writing, try doing something new. Create a video on TikTok, record a podcast with Racket, paint a picture, write a song, sketch something...

Just find a new avenue of creation to stretch that creative muscle while giving your main outlet a rest.

Don't feel guilty, embrace what your body needs.