Chasing Ambition

Does chasing ambition fire you up?

It fires me up. Something about the chance to create something new, to do something original, to leave an impact where previously there was none. There's excitement there.

The thrill of the new can't be overstated.

Through different online courses and challenges, I've met many like-minded ambition chasers. Something about that online challenge attracts us. Calls to us.

  • We want to do.
  • We want to create.
  • We want that thrill of the chase.

There's nothing more exciting than the fear of catastrophe when you're running at full steam. That's why people love roller coasters, driving fast cars, and jumping curb ramps with a kids' bicycle.

All for that joy at the edge of danger.

I'm not sure we actually enjoy the danger—we just don't know any other way.

To cease creating or seeking ambition? That doesn't sound like a life worth embracing.