Change Your Life with a Personal Retreat

One of the best investments you can make in yourself is taking a personal retreat.

Time & location:

You must be able to fully engage in the retreat, I recommend 2-3 days at a location outside of your home with minimal distractions. Aim for secluded with inspiring views.

What to bring:

Only bare essentials—clothes, toiletries, food/drinks, headphones, notebook, and pens.

Laptop/tablet if you need to go digital, but handwritten is best. Uninstall social media & other distracting apps to lower your temptation. Leave the Nintendo Switch at home.

Detach from the world and reflect:

You want to take this time to deeply consider your life, your relationships, your goals, where you have been, and where you are going. Give yourself 10-20 minutes per question.

Reflections on the past year:

  • What did I learn?
  • My biggest accomplishments?
  • My biggest disappointments?
  • What do I wish I had done?
  • What am I frustrated about?
  • How do I wish I'd spent more time?

Reflections on the next year:

  • What would I like to do again?
  • Special upcoming milestones?
  • What are my overall hopes?
  • What habits would I like to establish?
  • What primary themes do I want to guide this year?

Plan the next year, one month at a time:

  • Theme or area of focus for this month?
  • Most important project or event?
  • What does success this month look like?
  • Important dates?


With this work done, you can revisit it at your next personal retreat or any time throughout the year and course correct either my direction or my plans.

Don't be afraid to adjust as needed.