Better Task Management

So many hours spent building the perfect task management system.

A weekend dedicated to brain dumping, tagging, categorizing, and building for all scenarios. Set up for whatever comes next, ready to take on the world. The system that will finally get you on track.

But then time passes... and you're bored to tears. You've lost interest in the system, and ultimately you lose trust in it as well. The system got too boring and you moved on.

Rather than be surprised, plan for this eventuality.

1. Build an escape plan

Keep mobility in mind. When a tool gets boring, have a plan ready to easily export your data and import to the next system you want to try.

2. Spice up your environment

This is where tools like Notion have an advantage over OmniFocus or Things. You can build a brand new dashboard that looks entirely different, but is powered by the same database table where your tasks already exist.

  • new images and colors
  • redo your tagging scheme
  • alternate views (kanban, table, cards, etc)