Announcement: I'm Writing a Book!

I'm writing a book! It is tentatively titled "Refocus" and will be a practical guide to living with ADHD. I'll be writing in public so you can follow along and even contribute!

So... why a book?

Almost 5 years ago, I discovered I had ADHD.

It rocked my world.

Suddenly, all the difficulties that had been plaguing me my entire life had a name. It wasn't laziness or a lack of willpower. I wasn't just self-sabotaging for no reason. I had a mental disorder.

I would blame myself so much whenever my actions would fail to live up to my intentions.

I didn't feel like I was lazy, but my actions sure looked like I was. I knew I was smart, but would make such obvious mistakes.

Regret and shame were familiar friends.

As I learned about ADHD, my life made much more sense. I dove into books and videos and anything I could to better understand this different brain of mine. I discovered the many ups and downs, and why some strategies worked well and others clearly did not.

I also learned how ADHD can present radically differently, depending on the person. Symptoms that affected me were no big deal for some ADHDers, whereas they might struggle with other aspects of ADHD that were easy for me.

It's a very diverse and unique disorder, and it's easy to gloss over the surface and not realize how it's affecting you from day to day. But it's also a "good news" diagnosis!

Life can improve so much when you understand why your brain does things the way it does.

Since I've been writing publicly about my experience with ADHD, people have started reaching out. When they have their first "wait, do I have ADHD?" experience, they often ask me where to find more information.

I wanted a single resource I could point to with the latest information. Something immediately useful in their lives—that they could immediately put into practice.

So I'm writing the book that I've wanted to be able to recommend to those ADHD newcomers.

If you want to follow along on the journey

Check out and share some feedback or join the waitlist.