ADHD is So Hot Right Now

It seems like every day someone new announces they think they might have ADHD.

Is this just some sort of weird trend? Are people just claiming neurodivergence to seem special or unique? Do social platforms like TikTok or Instagram push people into thinking they have something that they don't?

Possibly. But I think there's a better explanation.

Experts estimate that 75-90% of adults with ADHD are undiagnosed. Meaning, there are a lot of people out there dealing with all the difficulties that come with ADHD, and without an explanation for why.

  • Beating themselves up for lack of willpower
  • Wondering if they are crazy or stupid
  • Disappointing authority figures, peers, and themselves by actions that don't match their intentions
  • And countless other difficulties

It can be a lonely experience.

But social platforms have helped people discover they aren't alone after all. As more people talk publicly about their experience with ADHD, the word spreads. There's more to ADHD than the white male child causing a ruckus in an elementary classroom.

While most people have heard of ADHD, they often have an erroneous understanding of what it is. Because of this, many people with undiagnosed ADHD live with difficulty and isolation, never even considering the possibility of an ADHD diagnosis.

But now, they are finding their people, their community.

It's so trendy to no longer feel alone.