5 Daily Routines for Finding Focus

What information consumes is rather obvious: it consumes the attention of its recipients. Hence, a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.

— Herbert Simon

In a world with full of distraction, attention has become one of your most important assets.

To find daily focus, you must be deliberate with your practices. If life just happens to you, your destination is left up to chance. Be proactive in your life and bring focus to your daily routines.

Journaling / morning pages

Writing is a great way to externalize your thoughts in a way that can be examined and studied. Commit to writing beyond what feels natural. That's where you find those extra nuggets of wisdom or insight that you didn't even know existed.

Create opportunity for serendipity

When standing in line, or going for a short walk—leave the cell phone in your pocket and the headphones at home. Allow space for serendipity to slip into your life. Pay attention to the world around you and take note of one thing of value gained by being free from technology.

Use focus blocks

Identify a specific project or task, turn off all notifications, and give your full attention for one block of time (say an hour). The goal is complete uninterrupted focus. Schedule it on your calendar. Make it a priority.

Unnecessary creation

There is nothing quite like the feeling of creating something unique. Many of us, even those in creative careers, find that the opportunity for real creation can vanish. Seize the opportunity to create something new every day. No rules, no approvals—take an idea and go. See where it takes you.

Do creative work before reactive work

Rather than simply responding to work prioritized by others, focus on your most creative work at the beginning of the day. Ignore the email if you can, set do-not-disturb on your devices, and focus your attention on creation. This is your time.