You Are Not Lazy

Hello friends,

I want to set the record straight, you are not lazy.

You might think you are. People have probably been telling you for years that you suffer from being lazy, but it's not true.

How do I know?

Being lazy is a choice. It's choosing inaction, usually for the purpose of relaxation. But do you feel relaxed when you can't get something done?

I sure don't.

The voice in my head tears me down, berates me and puts me down for not taking action. It's anything but "relaxing".

When our action fails to meet our intention, it's easy to be confused and try to label it as a failure. The condition of ADHD is invisible so we fail to see the actual barriers that stand in our way, keeping us from doing what we actually want to do but can't bring ourselves to do.

Don't let those years of negative self-talk continue. Stop the harmful labels that we apply to ourselves (lazy, stupid, scattered, etc).

The voice we hear most often is our own, so be kind with the words you use. And don't believe the lie of lazy.

I write a few more words on the "lazy" label earlier this year:

Stay focused,

Jesse J. Anderson

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Quote of the week

Hyperfocus doesn't care if I have enough time.

— Me