Why Don't Planners Work?

Hello friends,

So, I bought another planner...


History shows this planner isn't actually the solution to all my problems.

Neurotypicals often suggest "why don't you buy a planner?" to ADHDers as if we've somehow never considered the idea. In reality, many of us have TONS of planners.

We love buying planners, they are full of such potential! We imagine getting into a routine of filling out our schedule every day, adding fun little extras like tracking our current habits or drawing a sketch of the day's weather.

We might even read blogs or watch videos for more creative ways to use our new planner. There are thousands of videos full of inspiration for planners, bullet journals, moleskines, and midori traveler's notebooks.

But despite our best intentions, a few weeks go by and we soon forget the planner even exists.

It falls into one of those infinity drawers.

Or worse, it becomes a source of guilt and shame.

Like so many things in our life, a brand new planner is a symbol of great intentions and great potential. You know you can do great things, if only you could stay consistent.

But the solution isn't to avoid these beacons of potential entirely. We just need to be considerate to ourselves, accept that this probably isn't going to be the final solution for us, and know that's okay!

Embrace our need to pivot from planner to planner, system to system.

Sometimes it's nice to introduce a bit of novelty into your life—without the expectation that it's the solution you've been looking for.

While a new planner may not solve all your problems, it may bring a little joy in your life to give it a try.

I know my new planner isn't going to solve everything, and I know I'll probably stop using it after a few weeks (going for the record this time, 6 weeks in a row!).

But I can still use those weeks of excitement to get the ball rolling in the right direction. Use that focused period of planning time to set myself up for the future.

And just maybe this one will be the one that sticks. 😉

Stay focused,

Jesse J. Anderson

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