Toxic Productivity

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I gave a conference talk on toxic productivity last year and in case you missed it, I just uploaded it to Youtube:

​Toxic Productivity with ADHD [YouTube]​

When we've lived with ADHD, even when undiagnosed, we quickly learn about our difficulties getting things done.

Often, we turn to productivity tips for advice on how we can defeat this, but there's an issue.

Most productivity advice was not designed for ADHD brains.

So it doesn't work.

You bang your head against the wall trying to force it to work, following the advice of some productivity "guru" and when it fails, you blame yourself.

Stop blaming yourself!

When advice doesn't work for you, take note of it and move on. Don't beat yourself up over it. Just know that some advice wasn't designed for your brain so it just isn't going to work. You can't ask a fish to climb a tree.

I spent years trying to make the advice of "eat the frog first" work for me. But it never did.

Once I finally accepted that it wouldn't work because it wasn't designed for my brain, I found other strategies that did work. Like eating the ice cream first!

"Eating the ice cream first" (i.e. doing fun, interesting tasks) gets my motivation train moving down the tracks by starting with easy, engaging activities and then utilizing that momentum to shift gears into something more difficult.

Find those things that get your motivation engine started. Take advantage of that momentum!

I included several tips in the video for getting your momentum moving forward to get things done. I'd love to hear how they work for you! You can simply reply to this email to let me know.

Stay focused,

Jesse J. Anderson

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