The Best ADHD Strategy

Hello friends,

One of the traps I've often fallen into in the past is thinking what I'm really missing is a better strategy. One that will magically help me find that oh-so-elusive motivation so I can get things done.

But what I've come to realize is even the most effective ADHD strategy won't work 100% of the time.

The best ADHD strategy is just to learn a bunch of little strategies (that may only work once or twice) and continually cycle through them without feeling bad about needing novelty to find motivation.

The ADHD brain loves novelty, so we're almost programmed for cycling through strategies. We just need to be aware of it and lean into it, without feeling guilty when a strategy doesn't work out.

Some of the best ADHD strategies are the ones that start with "it's kind of silly, but…"

Being a little silly or goofy may be exactly what our brain needs to engage! Don't apologize for it—do what works for your brain!

You may be conditioned to think things you do that are neurodivergent are "silly" or "weird" or "wrong" because they don't make sense to others. But that's not true! Your brain is just wired differently, and that's okay.

  • Maybe doodling helps you listen when being spoken to
  • Maybe taking a walk helps you better think about a problem
  • Maybe you need to listen to music while you work
  • Maybe you need to get out of your seat more often to keep your mind engaged
  • Maybe wearing shoes in the house helps you stay on task

Embrace what works for your brain, and pivot to something novel and new when it stops working.

Stay focused,
Jesse J. Anderson

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