Stuck in ADHD Inertia

Hello friends,

Do you ever get stuck in ADHD Inertia?

You have something you need to do—and maybe you even want to do it—but you just can't seem to move into action?

It seems like you're lacking motivation, but you might even feel that internal desire to do the thing, you just can't quite get your body to move and actually make it happen.

You're stuck in ADHD Inertia.

I find that neurotypical people really don't understand what this is like.

All they can see is the external. Someone sitting on the couch, not moving, not doing anything. Words like "lazy" and "selfish" often come to mind (and sometimes are even said out loud).

But those words don't describe what we're feeling inside.

I was a guest on the latest Pivot Points Podcast and we talked about how we often get stuck trying to find motivation for things that we know are important. We want to do the thing, but "importance" just isn't a trigger for us to be able to take action.

One thing I've found can help is to create reminder of the thing you want to get done, and then mentally move to something else.

If you really need to finish some paperwork, don't keep telling yourself "Come on, get up and go do the paperwork!"

Instead, create a quick reminder on your phone, and then focus your attention on doing something different that's easy and enjoyable.

It's kind of silly, but I always find that checking the mail is something I want to do.

Something about the mystery of getting some fun surprise, or maybe a gift I forgot I bought for myself. I find I can always motivate myself to get off the couch to go check the mail.

Find your go-to activities that spur you into action so you can defeat that ADHD inertia.

Once you're in motion, refocusing on that important task becomes a lot more possible.

Stay focused,

Jesse J. Anderson

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