Storyworthy Time Management

Hello friends,

I'm reading a few different books right now that are making me reflect on and time and memory.

They particularly stand out to me since time and memory are areas that most people with ADHD have vast deficits.

The first book is Four Thousand Weeks by Oliver Burkeman, and it talks about how there is a near infinite amount of enjoyable experiences available to us, and how we continue to feel unsatisfied (and even depressed) as we impossibly try to achieve them all.

We often rob ourselves of the joy of participating in the now by striving for better "productivity" and "life hacks" trying to get more out of time, but ultimately feel worse in the end.

Another other book I'm reading is Storyworthy by Matthew Dicks. Early in the book, Matthew talks about how he started doing "Homework for Life", basically taking a few minutes every day to write down a brief story (just a sentence) of something interesting that happened that day.

Over time, he discovered that this act of writing down a single daily story began to unlock a whole new understanding of his life through this new lens. He could look back on these one sentence summaries, and remember important moments from days that would have simply faded in the past.

As a storyteller, Matthew found that many of these moments he would've otherwised missed, became the source of some of his most powerful stories.

I'm inspired by both of these books to try to take more time looking for the story in each day, rather than just trying to feel busy or useful or like I've effectively used the hours given to me.

There will never be enough hours, so rather than simply try to optimize them, I can enjoy the storied moments and make a permanent record with some Homework for Life.

The stories worth remembering are easier to find when you look for them.

Stay focused,

Jesse J. Anderson

P.S. I gave a talk on Toxic Productivity last year that is related to how the search for productivity can often drag us down: Avoiding Toxic Productivity Advice for ADHD​



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