Rest vs. ADHD

Hello friends,

Short issue this week. I'm feeling a bit under the weather.

It's funny, sometimes I feel like the only time I really get much rest is when my body just shuts down on me due to illness or burnout.

So much of my personal experience with ADHD is always seeking the next thing. Always wanting to create or learn something new.

Like many of us, I often take rest for granted, even though I know how important it is for me.

I know it's important to say no to every new idea or opportunity, but I often find it incredibly difficult to do so.

If you are the same, one thing you can try is to set limits on the things you agree to taking on.

For example, I wanted to launch my new ADHD Nerds Podcast, but my wife warned me that it seemed like I was taking on too much. Close friends and loved ones can often provide great insight to when we are overwhelming ourselves!

Rather than say no, which would've felt like a bummer and likely demotivated me in other areas of my life—I said yes but with a limit of only doing bi-weekly episodes (every other week) instead of weekly.

This cut my workload in half, but I'm still having the same joy of having learned and embraced a fun new project and challenge.

Speaking of the podcast, episode three just came out! I think you'll really enjoy the fun conversation I have with my friend, Nik Nieblas.

(Ha - I said this would be a small issue, but then I just kept typing 🙃 whoops!)

Stay focused,

Jesse J. Anderson