Physical Discomfort

Hello friend,

I've been trying to get into a new daily practice known as Morning Pages.

It's supposed to help foster new creativity by spending some time every morning simply writing 3 pages of whatever is on your mind.

When I initially tried this out, it was paaaaainful.

I was writing by hand in a notebook and I could feel my brain screaming at me. My thoughts were too fast for the pen and it felt like I was trying to sprint down a sidewalk but dragging a dead body along with me.

I was physically uncomfortable in my chair and felt the compulsion to squirm as I tried to focus on writing for 3 full pages.

It was a terrible experience.

Awhile after that, I was reading up for an ADHD course that I'm taking and stumbled across this section:

Your body is like a radar screen that can pick up the dominance of certain thoughts and the harmony or disharmony they engender; it will often alert you in the form of physical discomfort such as restlessness, impatience, impulsive actions, or compulsions.

— ADDCA Simply ADHD Manual

Okaaay. So there was definitely some disharmony happening.

I've always known about this physical discomfort that can happen from time to time and assumed it was related to my ADHD but had never seen anything written about it so precisely.

I think my brain had alarm bells happening, knowing that trying to write down my freeflowing thoughts just wasn't going to work by hand.

I kept having to stop and restart my thoughts after my pen (with barely legible hand-writing) tried desperately to keep pace.

Since then, I decided to type my Morning Pages directly into the app Roam Research, instead. It's working much better. 😄

Stay focused,

Jesse J. Anderson

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