Overcoming Shame

Hello friends,

In the most recent episode of ADHD Nerds, my guest Lindsay Guentzel and I got a bit vulnerable, sharing about some of our experiences of dealing with shame.

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Those times when we had such great intentions and expectations, but somehow it all came crashing down, leaving us with feeling of guilt, confusion, and intense shame.

So many of us with ADHD know that story, when we can't really explain why things happened the way they did. But we just feel that it's somehow our fault.

That weight of shame can become overbearing.

I've written about how to escape the shame spiral before. It's so important to recognize when that shame from our past is holding us back from our future.

But even with those tips and strategies, sometimes the shame wins.

When that happens, it's helpful to know you aren't alone. Especially in the ADHD community, we've all experienced those moments of intense shame, distorting our view of the world and ourselves.

Things aren't always an easy fix, but hearing others stories of feeling the same way can help bring healing and understanding to our own situation.

Stay focused,
Jesse J. Anderson

P.S. I hired an editor to give me an early manuscript review of my book, Refocus. I'm excited to get their feedback, but honestly, I'm even more excited to have that deadline to help keep me on track! 😅

Writing a book is super hard work, but I'm excited to see it through to the end. My initial manuscript is due for review by next week, so wish me luck!