Our Brain is a Liar

Hello friends,

When I learned I had ADHD, one of the first things my therapist told me was that unfortunately, I seemed to have a really poor memory.

I was shocked!

I thought my memory was great.

Our brains are so tricky—they can just fill in the gaps with made up information, trying to make logic out of nothing. It was wild because I didn't know it was happening at all. I completely believed that my version of history was factual.

No wonder my wife and I had conflicts discussing things we had or hadn't said.

It turns out my brain was just making stuff up to replace those lost memories.

Now that I know about my memory difficulties (and how my brain lies to me), I can be proactive about making more permanent records.

Rather than rely on my faulty memory, I can use PKM (Personal Knowledge Management) techniques for better managing the things I learn, the plans I have, the books I read, and more.

Externalizing your brain is an important ADHD hack—get those thoughts and ideas out of your head and onto something permanent.

Next week, on Tuesday, March 15th (9am PT, 12pm ET), I'll be speaking on a panel at the free Second Brain Summit with some other brilliant minds about PKM and ADHD.

I'm super excited to hang out with Marie Poulin and Bryan Jenks. They are both experts in the personal knowledge management space, and they both have ADHD.

It's going to be fun!

Sign up for free here.

Stay focused,

Jesse J. Anderson

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This got a ton of great feedback from lots of early-to-all-the-things ADHDers that I found super interesting and eye-opening.



🏆 Directory of ADHD Coaches​ If you're considering getting an ADHD coach, but don't know where to start, ACO International (ADHD Coaches Organization) has a directory you can use to search and find someone that is a good match for you.

📝 ADHD Writers Club, March 18th at 11am PT​ I've been using every other Friday as a super focused writing day, and I started a small writing group for other writers with ADHD to hang out. It's a simple group—we say hello, share our writing target, and then get to work for 30-40 minutes with mics muted. Last week was the first one and it was great, a ton of writing got done! Setting an intention together really helped set the pace. If you're a fellow writer, come join us!