No Longer Alone

Hello friends,

Like many with ADHD, I grew up thinking I was the weird one. That something was wrong with me, wrong with my brain.

I knew I was different, but I just didn't know how.

Once I was diagnosed with ADHD, it completely changed my perspective on the world.

You mean it's not just me?!

It can be an incredibly lonely experience growing up with ADHD, knowing your brain works different but not being able to explain it or even truly understand it.

People tell you you're lazy, spacey, crazy, or weird. No one seems to understand that your intentions are good, but for some reason your actions don't always line up with them.

One of my favorite things in talking openly about ADHD is how so many of us have shared experiences that used to make us feel so alone.

I'm constantly discovering that other ADHDers have many of the same weird experiences, habits, etc that I do. It's incredibly relieving to know others experience the same things.

This weekend I asked for people to share their most pointless hyperfocus result with one of my own as an example.

There were so many fun replies!

As they say, tragedy + time = comedy.

Some highlights:

  • spending hours emptying an entire shed to move it, only to discover it was too heavy to move (and then everything needed to be put back inside)
  • lots of lego sorting, candy sorting, colored pencil sorting (often to be quickly unsorted or dumped into a bin by someone else)
  • extensive research projects (everything from ancient literature to power rangers) that were never used again
  • creating fonts (more than one person!)
  • taking a selfie wearing every item of clothing, never doing anything with the photos

My absolute favorite—made me laugh out loud (and cry on the inside).

My stove broke and I spent an entire day cleaning it inch by inch in immaculate detail so that it looked nice for the repair person and then within two minutes of arriving, he declared it dead and that I’d need a replacement. It was the cleanest that stove had ever been. via @JaymeBeanAuthor​ 😂 😭

Sometimes, it's just nice to know you aren't alone.

And as @autienelle pointed out: ​is hyperfocus ever pointless if it helps us to regulate?

Stay focused,

Jesse J. Anderson

P.S. For my fellow parents: a friend of mine wrote and illustrated the beautiful children's book To The Stars that I absolutely love. If you have young kids, I think they'll love it too! It's not ADHD-specific, but speaks to the imagination of a young mind.



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