New ADHD Video

Hello friends,

In recent weeks, we've talked about Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria and many have written to me sharing how it's made a huge impact on your life, relationships, work, etc.

I know when I first heard about RSD, it was another one of those "wait, that's from my ADHD too?!" moments, and it really validated the feelings I had when RSD struck.

The feeling is so intense and so real—when people said I was overreacting, I didn't believe them!

I reacted strongly because of the intensity of emotion I felt!

I just released a new video going deeper into the topic of RSD, detailing the ways it shows up in our lives, and diving into some strategies to more effectively deal with rejection sensitivity when it strikes.

Check it out here:

Why Is Rejection So Painful With ADHD? Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria

I hope you find it helpful! I'm doing more YouTube videos in the future, so make sure to "like, subscribe, and tell all your friends" 😄

Stay focused, Jesse J. Anderson

P.S. I started a new podcast called The Weekly Build with my friend, Marie Ng. It's a casual weekly conversation about the different projects we're both building and working on. It's not specifically about ADHD, but Marie and I both have it, so it will certainly be a common topic! 😅