Networking Thought

Hey friends,

I've been thinking about the resurgence of note-taking apps lately.

The name "note-taking" app isn't quite right, as these are more like "thought organizing" tools.

This has grabbed my attention because I firmly believe in the value of externalizing your thoughts. Through experience, I've learned when I think "I'll remember this", that's usually a clue that I really need to write that thing down.

Now what's interesting in these new apps is a surprisingly simple new feature: bi-directional linking. This means that notes can link to each other, and both notes become are aware of this link.

Imagine that I have a note named "ADHD" and I can link to it while writing other notes by typing [[ADHD]].

Say I write a note that says "People with [[ADHD]] struggle with time blindness."

And another note that says "Rejection sensitive dysphoria is another symptom of [[ADHD]]."

When I visit my ADHD note, I will see those linked notes listed as well:

Over time, we can discover new insights and recover old thoughts as we create a network of connected ideas.

Our brains are often making similar connections as we learn. The ADHD brain can sometimes make it difficult to recall these connections, so we often jump around without knowing the direct links between our thoughts.

I've recently been exploring using one of these new note-taking apps, called Roam Research. I've struggled a bit but am determined to keep at it because I see great potential.

You can see my efforts to figure this out in my Lost in Roam video series, which you can find at and subscribe to see the latest. I'll continue to add to these as I figure out the best ways to us these new tools to help me manage my ADHD brain.

Was this newsletter a bit too technical?

Would you prefer I went deeper into topics like this?

I'd love to hear your thoughts, you can reach out to me directly at Thanks for reading, friend.

Stay focused,

Jesse J. Anderson

Don't forget...

To do your regular chores! It often seems like I "just did the dishes", but with time blindness it may have been weeks or more.

Make a list of some basic chores and then add the date by each chore when you've done it.

👩📝 ADHD Women and Productivity Shame. Liz Lewis covers the unique struggles of many woman with ADHD and how the pandemic has made this productivity shame even more difficult.

📱🧠 Inflow ADHD app. This app calls itself the first science-based digital program to manage ADHD. I just received my invite so I've only used it for a few days now—so far I'm enjoying the simplicity of it. The module I've chosen, Time Management, has already proven helpful. There's a waitlist so sign up today.

Quote of the week

The [ADHD] diagnosis made me want to prove everyone wrong. I knew that, if I collaborated with Michael, he could achieve anything he set his mind to.

— Debbie Phelps (mother of Michael Phelps, winner of 28 Olympic medals)