Hello friends,

Last week I messed up one of the links in my newsletter. If you had trouble finding the How to ADHD video, you'll have better luck with this link instead:

What if We Could Make Our World More ADHD Friendly?​

It's a minor mistake, but it's so easy to beat yourself up when something like this happens.

I'm a failure.
What an idiot.
How embarrassing.
I'm an imposter.

Many with ADHD grew up hearing about every single mistake you made from teachers, parents, and peers.

It's estimated that children with ADHD hear 20,000 more negative messages than their peers by the age of 12.

You may have learned to repeat this behavior and create your own internal critic...


Rather than hide in the shadows with my mistake, I talked openly about it on Twitter. I quickly found out from a friend (thanks Cathryn!) that my email provider has the ability to fix links even after the newsletter sent.

When my instinct was to hide, I found a solution by being open about it with friends.

Don't be afraid to accept that mistakes happen.

It's not the end of the world (even when it feels like it is), and you could use a break from all that criticism. You're worth it.

Stay focused,

Jesse J. Anderson

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Quote of the week

Research is increasingly showing the benefits of exercise in helping people manage and cope with ADHD symptoms. Also, just movement while working studying, or in meetings can be helpful, such as squeezing a tennis ball in one hand while note taking with the other or just listening. Before boring meetings or classes, go for a run, or just walk up and down a flight of stairs.

— Dr. Russell Barkley