Managing Finances with ADHD

Hello friends,

Like many with ADHD, I've often struggled with money and managing my finances.

I actually kind of love creating a new budget—it often sounds fun and exciting! I love lining up all the numbers and making lofty plans using spreadsheets or the latest fancy budgeting app.

Maybe I'm just a nerd.

But when it's time to put that budget into practice, it all comes crashing down.

There's no dopamine anymore, and the budget I was excited to create just feels like a list of rules to keep me from experiencing joy.

Often it's not even the restriction that bothers me—I just completely forget the budget exists! I'm living in the moment, and the Buy Now button screams "this will bring you happiness!"

By the time the purchase arrives, I've often lost interest and it just becomes another piece of clutter to join the others.

This week on the ADHD Nerds podcast, I talk with Tina Mathams, an ADHD Money Coach. We talk about some of these struggles and why traditional budgeting methods don't often work for our brains.

So much traditional financial advice is rooted in "just have more willpower" which not only doesn't work for the ADHD brain—it also brings an immense amount of shame with it.

That shame associates negative feelings with money and budgeting, making us even more likely to run into trouble, as we try to avoid experiencing that feeling.

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Jesse J. Anderson

P.S. Yesterday (May 30th) was my birthday! Thank you for the many well-wishes and happy birthday messages. This last year was incredible for me, and I'm super excited for this next year, when I publish my first book! 😅



📺 The Disruptors (ADHD Film)​ I haven't seen it yet, so this isn't an endorsement—but this ADHD documentary looks interesting and could help address a lot of the stigma that still exists about ADHD in the media. I spotted Jessica McCabe (of How To ADHD) in the trailer, so that's a pretty good sign. If you see it, let me know what you think!