Losing Sleep

Hello friends,

When I started this newsletter, I asked some friends with ADHD for advice on what would be most helpful to them.

One suggestion was to add reminders for things like "Taxes are due soon", "Don't forget Daylight Saving Time", and other helpful tips like that.

What a great idea!

Guess what reminder I forgot last week. Hope you didn't lose any sleep over it. 🙃

This week, I interview Kristin (@youradhdmom), an "accidental ADHD advocate" on TikTok. It's a great read and her TikTok content on ADHD is fantastic.

Let me know if there's someone I should interview (maybe you!). You can reply to this newsletter or email me directly at jessej@hey.com.

Lastly, I wrote some atomic essays on ADHD and productivity this week:

Stay focused,

Jesse J. Anderson

Quick reminder...

Use timers! Hyperfocus can be great at times, but it sneaks up on you. Time Timers and other visual timers can externalize time to make it easier to not lose track.

Q+A with Kristen (@youradhdmom)

This week I had the opportunity to interview Kristen (@youradhdmom on TikTok).

She calls herself an "accidental ADHD advocate" after being diagnosed at 37, and shares her journey online to help other women with ADHD not feel so alone.

What's the biggest ADHD challenge facing you right now?

Just because you get diagnosed and get on the right path doesn't mean everything is fixed. Every day is still a challenge, it's just a different challenge now.

Have you made any significant changes since your diagnosis?

I take medication for my ADHD which is like giving night vision goggles to someone who's lived in the dark their entire life. But I'm also learning that meds are just a tool, and that there's a lot of work that I also need to put in to helping myself and my ADHD.

What is your favorite thing about the ADHD community on TikTok? The worst thing?

I love the community that we have on TikTok—people are so willing to share what they've learned and are so supportive and kind to each other.

At the same time the platform also brings with it a lot of misinformation stated as fact. And a lot of people further stigmatizing ADHD and it's treatment.

At this point in your journey with ADHD, what are you most tired of? And what are you excited about?

I get tired of feeling like I am constantly battling the stigma around ADHD that was created long before me.

It's really exciting to me that I get to share my journey with others online in a way that can hopefully make them feel a little less alone in the process.

What are the resources that have helped you the most?

I love TikTok as a resource, but you have to be able to sift through what is real and what's not, and be willing to research the things that you're unsure about.

I love the podcasts and webinars from ADDitude Magazine, that's where I feel like I learn the most.

Any final advice you would give to someone early in their ADHD journey?

Even if it's scary, just make the doctor appointment. I know it's hard, but you'll thank yourself if it does turn out to be ADHD and you realize that you've been fighting your brain all your life.

Thanks again to Kristen for sharing her story!

For more of her journey, follow @youradhdmom on TikTok and Instagram.


Quote of the week

My report card always said, "Jim finishes first and then disrupts the other students."

— Jim Carrey (actor with ADHD)