Losing Interest

Hello friends,

One of the things that always worries me most is losing interest in something I'm currently really excited about.

There's the guilt and shame that comes after you've told so many others that "this is the new thing I'm so excited about!" only to have to admit a couple of weeks later that it now bores you to tears and you can't fathom mustering up the energy to do it any more.

And there's the disappointment that I just can't find that interest again. Once it's gone, it's like it's gone forever and I'll never be able to find it again.

I've talked before about how I often feel like I'm "juggling chainsaws" because I often add new interesting things to the mix to actually keep me moving forward, which can be a bit like chaos.

In the latest episode of ADHD Nerds, my guest Karaminder refers to this as the Minimum Level of Chaos.

But this doesn't actually apply to everyone. Some people fall more into the perfectionism or isolation area of things. Rather than tackling everything at once, they are afraid to get started and mourn missed opportunities that seem to continue to pass them by.

I'm more of the chaos agent type, but I'd love to hear from those who struggle with those that tend to say no to everything, and find it difficult to find the energy to see things through.

This is likely those with an Inattentive presentation—what sort of strategies have been most effective for you to see things through?

Stay focused, Jesse J. Anderson