Letting Things Spiral

Hello friends,

I have a habit of sometimes letting things spiral out of control without noticing. Is it just me?

A couple weeks ago, I discovered that I had subscribed to 194 different podcasts. 194. Most of them are weekly with hourlong episodes—meaning that every week I had more than eight days worth of new content to listen to. 😐

I made some hard decisions and got my podcast subscriptions down to 40. Still more than I'm ever going to listen to, but progress is progress. It seems simple, but I've already noticed a reduced level of stress whenever I go to listen to a podcast. It's the little things.

I also wrote a couple of atomic essays about ADHD this week:

Stay focused,

Jesse J. Anderson

Don't forget...

Tax season is here in the U.S.

Make sure to dedicate a place to put any tax-related mail (as soon as you see it) so when you are free to do taxes, your next step isn't "try to find all the tax stuff".

Did Leonardo da Vinci have ADHD?

These quotes about him sure sound familiar…

He set himself to learn many things, and then, after having begun them, abandoned them.

— Giorgio Vasari, Leonardo's first biographer

Leonardo loved the conception more than he loved the execution.

— Walter Isaacson

Alas! this man will never do anything, for he begins by thinking of the end of the work, before the beginning.

— Pope Leone X

Check out the entire fascinating thread by Robert Merki.

Quote of the week

[People with ADHD have an] enhanced ability to make constructive use of praise, affirmation, and encouragement. As much as we can get down in the dumps over a minute criticism, we can fly high and put to great use even small bits of encouragement or recognition.

— ADHD 2.0 (Edward M. Hallowell, M.D., and John J. Ratey, M.D.)