Just-In-Time Hindsight

Hey friends,

Last week we talked about Russell Barkley's Stop the Action! rule to keep impulses from getting us in trouble.

The point of pausing action is to allow for hindsight (and foresight) to inform our actions. Unfortunately, we often don't recall our hindsight until after we've acted, so we beat ourselves up for saying or doing the wrong thing.

Barkley's second rule for adults with ADHD[1] is See the Past... and Then the Future which just means using our hindsight to help guide our future actions.

We need to visualize what's happened in the past and recall our relevant hindsight from a similar situation.

Barkley recommends imagining a visual device such as a TV or video game. Use that as the framework to visualize when you were in a similar situation. Literally imagine a television with your past self acting out a previous action and what the response was.

This will absolutely feel silly at first. But over time, you'll build up a more easily recalled bank of visual hindsight to help you improve your future actions.

In other news, I've struggled to learn a tool for organizing notes and thoughts called Roam Research. I started documenting my efforts to better understand it in a video series I'm calling Lost In Roam.

You can follow along by watching at lostinroam.com.

Stay focused,

Jesse J. Anderson

Don't forget...

📚 Most public libraries have audiobooks you can download for free. These are a great source of motivation/distraction while you work on unappealing chores.

🎧👉 A Nudge In The Right Direction. This episode of the Hacking Your ADHD podcast reminds us how minor adjustments can nudge us in the right direction and help us make better choices. Simply changing our environmental cues and life defaults can make a huge difference.

🐦🚔 ADHD and Crime. Molly (@AdhdMayhem) created this beautifully illustrated twitter thread on the many eye-opening statistics of crime and ADHD. It can be frustrating to see stats like these, but it's helpful to know the truth so we can be better prepared to prevent it.

📱🌄 Visuals of Earth. Most phone wallpaper sites are full of cheesy kitsch and plastered with ads. This site has clean, gorgeous photos of landscapes, space, etc already sized for your phone. You won't be disappointed.

Quote of the week

The thing I've noticed about my working memory is that it's not working.

— Rick Green (comedian, writer, and actor with ADHD)

[1] Barkley, Russell A. and Benton, Christine M. Taking Charge of Adult ADHD. The Guilford Press, 2011.